Our Story - Gratiphied
Our Vision

To help businesses increase their revenue and valuation.

Other Projects
  • VidInvite - coming soon!
  • GivingJoy - a gratitude-sharing platform for individuals.
  • SeeYourImpact.org - a technology platform making giving more joyful for grass roots donors of non-profits.

Kindred spirits who are inspired by the joy of sharing gratitude!

Digvijay Chauhan - President
Digvijay Chauhan - President

After a successful career at Microsoft, Digvijay has co-founded multiple startups including AskMe Corporation (now HiveMine), a web based expertise sharing company, SeeYourImpact.Org, a grassroots storytelling non-profit in which he continues to serve as its volunteer President, GivingJoy - a gratitude sharing application, and VidInvite. Entrepreneurship in causes which involve service & technology give Digvijay joy!
He travels frequently to India which he says keeps his soul grounded in gratitude & humility!