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To help businesses increase their revenue and valuation.

Other Projects
  • GivingJoy - a gratitude-sharing platform for individuals.
  • SeeYourImpact.org - a technology platform making giving more joyful for grass roots donors of non-profits.
  • PierreGallant.com - a growing collection of Pierre's insights exploring how to connect to a more joyful, fulfilled life.

Kindred spirits who are inspired by the joy of sharing gratitude!

Digvijay Chauhan - President
Digvijay Chauhan - President

After a successful career at Microsoft, Digvijay has co-founded multiple startups including AskMe Corporation (now HiveMine), a web based expertise sharing company and SeeYourImpact.Org, a grassroots storytelling non-profit in which he continues to serve as its volunteer President. Entrepreneurship in causes which involve service give Digvijay joy! He travels frequently to India which he says keeps his soul grounded in gratitude!

Pierre Gallant - CEO
Pierre Gallant - CEO

After graduating from Gonzaga University and INSEAD, Pierre was a corporate investment banker with Barclays before embarking on an entrepreneurial career, founding or co-founding 18 businesses, primarily in the financial services and insurance sectors. Pierre's personal mission is to positively enhance the lives of others.